Control What You Can Control

All of us at some point in our lives go through hard times and difficult circumstances. These periods of
anxiety, stress and despair often makes us feel as though we are not in control of our destiny and our “end game.” While we cannot control what happens to us in our lives, we CAN control what we will feel and do about what happens to us. Admittedly, I have struggled at times throughout my life in dealing with adversity, a personal attack or a situation beyond my control, but I am proud to say I’ve experienced great improvement in this area of my life in recent years. Thanks in large part to introspection, love of family and true friends and supporting others in need. I am blessed beyond belief.jim fiore

Forces beyond our control can take away everything we possess except one thing, our freedom to choose how we will respond to the difficult situation. Life is meaningful and we must learn to see life as meaningful despite our circumstances, finances, job responsibilities, social status, marital challenges, religion, gender, race, etc.

The famous playwright, Arthur Miller, wrote a play named Incident at Vichy in which an upper-middle class professional man appears before the Nazi authority that has occupied his town and shows his credentials: his university degrees, his letters of reference from prominent citizens, and so on. The Nazi asks him, “is that everything you have?” The man nods. The Nazi throws it all in the wastebasket and tells him: “good, now you have nothing.” The man, whose self-esteem had always depended on the respect of others, is emotionally destroyed.

The point being and in my eyes the moral of that short story is that we are never left with nothing as long as we retain the freedom to choose how we will respond to our circumstances.

Stay positive … have faith … be good to others

Be well,