Every athlete that’s grown to dominate their particular sport, started both their skill and character development at a young age. It’s often overlooked at how important a player’s personality and morals affect not only their performance but those around them. But as you continue to climb through the sports ranks and go on to play at more competitive levels; the desire for good people is just as valued as the need for good players.

Attitude Is Viral

As cliche as it sounds, a positive sports attitude is essential to the success of the athlete. All sports, basketball, football, baseball, hockey can all be emotionally driven. With that said, it’s easy to get mad about a bad play or a bad call but that frustration can not only consume your game but the moral of your team as well.

BUT a good attitude can be contagious as well. The ability to respond positively during gameplay will help you to build that persistent, positive attitude that will be tested at higher levels of the sport.

Develop a Mentality of Determination

It’s not uncommon that the hardest workers outshine the most skilled regardless of the particular sport. There is a whole list of players who were said to be undersized or not as polished skill wise, but those players find themselves on the field or the court because of their mental determination.

Motivating yourself to get your all out of any given practice will evolve into exerting that energy in every play of the game. That determination to continue a heavy work ethic and put your team in the best position to win, doesn’t go unnoticed on any level. The hardest working players have decided mentally what they want and focus on that goal at all times.

Take Steph Curry for example, he developed a strong mentality since youth sports even despite the lack of interest he received when looking to play in college. Steph Curry radiates humility and really showed his determination when he brought his tested Davidson team to the NCAA Elite 8 in the 2008.

Curry had a mental focus that helped him emerge through the reasonable doubt that he couldn’t play at the next level because of his size. Now an NBA Champion and league MVP, Curry’s unassuming stature is led by his mental determination to give his all for the team’s success.

Young athletes must be strong mentally because eventually they will have to endure adversity and the pressure from hostile crowds.

Building character during youth sports will not only begin to mold the player you are today, but put you in a position for success when playing the sport you love at more competitive levels.